Where to go in 2019

A major anniversary, which is also pretty local (relatively speaking) will be the 300th anniversary of New Orleans! It seems that next year’s traditional Mardi Gras is gonna be a lot longer than usual. The Winter Olympics will be taking bora bora vacationplace this year. I know the summer ones are a lot more attractive (for lack of a better word), but South Korea is hosting the Winter Olympics this year, and it is promising to be one of this year’s major events. And speaking of sports: Russia will be hosting 2018’s FIFA world cup. I know we Americans are not huge soccer fans (generally speaking), but this is one event which you do not want to miss. It isn’t even about the sports, so much as it is about the gathering of so many individuals, nations, countries, and cultures. And there’s a soccer ball there, too.

I think it’s interesting that there are popular world destinations every year. I remember when all my friends were hellbent on getting to Iceland for a vacation because literally everyone was going. There are particularly popular destinations. I do wonder if there are some that will just never go out of style. I for one would love to go to somewhere like Bora Bora and live it up. This has been a well-known destination for a while now, as has somewhere like Hawaii. I always wondered if that was a place purely for tourists or if people actually lived there. Imagine living somewhere that everyone comes to for one week at a time. You basically live on paradise. I actually have a friend whose brother lives in  Hawaii. He’s a chef and he makes food for tourists when they come, providing them with a uniquely delicious experience.

Another place that is up and coming for people to visit is landmarks that you have to work to get there. Places like Machu Picchu or Mount Everest  are rising in popularity. There has become a need for people to take vacations for a cause. I think that this is in direct correlation with the fact that there is a rise in social action and call for change around the world. Hundreds of communities are raising awareness for a mount everest vacationmultitude of subjects and calling for a reduction in stigma and to see some real changes in the world. Whether that’s raising money or doing something for the greater good like volunteering, people are changing the way that they vacation. I don’t know if I would be on those list of people, because I would still be doing those things for myself. Of course, it feels better when you do things that you enjoy for a cause but I think that;’s partly the point. You’re doing it because it makes you feel good. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it at all, but I do think it’s important to evaluate your intentions.

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Thoughts and Questions

Go for it. Ask questions. I’m not talking about doing so in an environment that tells you to ask questions, like work or school. You should be asking them questionanyway, daily! Sometimes, they’ll sound childish, strange, unimportant, or even brilliant.  Bonus points for asking someone else the strange questions, because chances are, they probably haven’t heard or thought about it before either. When a child asks, “Why is the sky blue?” or, “Why are there so many kinds of birds?” or, “How many people are born every day”, I may or may not have an answer. But to have an answer isn’t always the point. Tough or unusual questions get us to think creatively. Even if it is a question that has no answer, it should be asked, not because we may be able to find an answer, but because it exercises the brain. Think about that before directing your attention immediately to your favorite search engine. Daily we are forced to limit our range of thought that we forget that it also needs a break. We can look up facts eventually, but, it’s important to know that thought has a purpose and that no thought is frivolous.

Questions seem to come to us at the strangest times. Often, we hear about “shower thoughts”, or about people doing their best thinking when they’re about to fall asleep. It makes sense, as our mind is probably the clearest and unburdened. We don’t give it any limitations like our to-do lists, business plans, or schedules. We can just clear our minds and see what happens. I have a friend who once woke me at 3 AM so she could tell me about her night shift at the hospital. I tried to be a good friend and pay attention but naturally, I just let my mind wander to stave off sleep. But, being tired and having no filter left my mind free to think its thoughts and I found they went in peculiar directions. As my friend was telling me about her patients, I blurted out, “Wait! I don’t know what a pop tart tastes like!” (I really don’t, I’ve never had a pop tart in my life). She laughed and said that perhaps she’d tell me more in the morning. To which I replied, “Do you think fish know that birds exist? How many creatures don’t we know about and how many deep ocean creatures don’t know about us?”.  Now, none of these questions actually have concrete answers, mostly because we don’t know what we don’t know, but have you ever thought about that before?

Questions add whimsy and discovery to an otherwise mundane life. Which brings me to my next point: Exploration and discovery. Exploration isn’t just about climbing Everest, and discovery isn’t just about finding a new continent.  everestThought is the most accessible and fun exploration a person can experience. I mentioned clearing the mind before. It doesn’t have to be so many steps as, light a candle, find a quiet space, meditate, and the like. That’s certainly one way to clear the mind. I find another way is just noticing things. Have you ever thought about the weight of your school or work bag? Or, how many steps you take from your house to your destination? Ask yourself a “what if” question. If I had one more dollar in my pocket today, would it make a difference? Would I spend it, donate it, ignore it?  It’s questions like these that lead to self and larger than self- discoveries. So, go ahead, ask a question or two. It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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Music to My Ears

Music is an interesting thing. It’s crazy how it can affect one’s mood so easily. It can also comfort you. Sometimes listening to music is the only thing you need at fashion3the moment. There are certain times in my life when I specifically remember what song I was listening to. I remember when I got my four wisdom teeth out, with just local anesthesia, by the way, the song that played on my iPod as they put the mask on to fill me with laughing gas was called “breathe.” It wasn’t even my iPod. It was my boyfriends. He was letting me borrow it because I didn’t have an iPod then nor a lot of songs on whatever device I was using. The doctors who were working on my mouth told me after that they enjoyed my music.

I remember the song I was singing in the shower after I found out my friend’s dad passed away, the day after my friend got married. I don’t remember the name of the song, but when I hear it, I just know that’s the song. It’s a song about losing people. When I was younger and the boy I had a crush on sat next to a friend of mine, I remember the song that was playing in my ear at that time as well. I can’t tell you the name, but every time I hear it, I remember the feeling of rejection I felt when I was eleven.

Songs bring back memories. My brother did a fun spoof on the song Bad Day by Green Day and now every time I hear that song, I think of the funny video he made and laugh. My sister made a slideshow of a trip we went on together to the song Time Of Your Life and I think about that trip every time I hear that song. As I said earlier, music is truly amazing. How one song can either bring back a bad or good memory.

Playlists are even created by moods. There’s sad playlists, good day playlists, the list goes on. Then there’s that song that when it comes out, you can’t stop listening to it on replay. Like Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. When that song came fashion 4out, I couldn’t stop listening to it! It was just everything you didn’t know you needed. When I heard Girls Like You by Maroon 5 and Cardi B, I almost hit the floor. It came up as I was listening to new songs, and I saw it was by Maroon 5 and I was like oh cool, and then Cardi came on and I was just amazed by the amazingness of the song. Definitely one of my favorites. Even though I’ve listened to it to death, I still can appreciate how much joy it gave me when I needed i t most. As you can see music is great. It’s always there for us when we need it and it can completely change your mood. It’s perfect in every single way. Wouldn’t be able to live without it.

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Iyana A Great Writer

Iyana 2 One of my favorite authors is Iyanla Vanzant. I recently read one of her articles on; The Key to Making the Right Decisions.

Iyanla says that your heart or emotional being is the core of your soul-self and the place where the truth of your being resides. Your head or intellect is addicted to the satisfaction of your physical senses—the place that holds all of the programming and conditioning of your childhood and adult experiences and is the throne of the negative ego.

Iyana describes that speaking from the heart means sharing the truth of your being, as you know it in the moment. She says this may change as you acquire new information and experiences; however, not only will your truth set you free, but also it will liberate you from guilt, shame, and fear.

She is a Woman who knows her stuff. I mean really knows her stuff. She has been through it all!

Iyanla goes on to say that speaking from your head means regurgitating the stories you have been told and have heard about yourself and your life. She says that It means defaulting to people pleasing and childhood survival tactics that are no longer required or necessary. Iyanla describes that this also means that you are probably more focused on avoiding a problem with
other people than you are with honoring or taking care of yourself. The latter is a function of bad behavior – she says!

Iyanla goes on to say that speaking from your heart is a wildly bold and courageous act. In so doing, you run the risk of meeting with disagreement, subjecting yourself to criticism and judgment, and upsetting someone else’s needs and expectations. She says that this may not always be the case, yet the chances are more likely than not that these things can and will happen. Iyanla says that your job is to remember that you will be okay if people cannot see, cannot accept, or cannot agree with what is true for you.

Iyanla says speaking from your heart and sharing your truth is the way you take a stand for yourself, within yourself. This is a majorIyana 1 step toward reminding you that you can be trusted with your own well-being.

Iyanla says that there is one small caveat that she feels obliged to share about speaking from your heart. It is what is called a psychological, spiritual, or heart bypass, i.e., the way to go around something rather than deal with it head-on. Iyanla says that using so-called personal development or spiritual principles to discount others or to avoid taking full responsibility for your behavior is a dishonest bypass.

Iyanla describes how a bypass can play out in real life. She describes the following; Let’s say your best friend shares with you that she had a negative experience about something you said or did and she wants you to make amends or a correction. Deep in your heart you see or understand her point, but the negative ego steps in and tells you she is criticizing and
judging you. Rather than acknowledging the validity of what is being offered and sharing authentically and honestly how it makes you feel, you default to a sense of shame, guilt, or anger.

Rather than acknowledge what you are feeling, you dismiss or deny what your friend has said, become fixated on “the way” she said it, offer an excuse and perhaps lay blame on her or someone else, or attack her past actions or current behavior. Iyanla says that all of the above are forms of bad behavior that have nothing to do with the truth. They are also all forms of a dishonest bypass, an attempt to save face because you got called out. This is clearly unnecessary and inappropriate behavior designed to minimize a blow to the negative ego, to look good and to survive. This is just some of the aspects of her work and I urge you to check her out. Iyanla Vanzant, shes a power-house and full of wonder. Her teachings are a real gift to humanity. Enjoy!

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The Tea Tree Way

tea-tree-oil 1 Using tea tree oil in your conditioner doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go out and buy a whole new product. If you have a conditioner that you are cool with, you could try introducing tea tree into that formula, by adding a few drops to the shampoo. Experiment a little to find your sweet spot, and remember that tea tree oil is a highly potent and powerful substance.

Tea tree in hair care products is nothing new, but now more than ever people are going ‘no poo’ making their own shampoos and conditioners. This is a good move, overall, since it means that people are paying more attention to what it is that they are putting on the top of their heads. And that matters, since what you put into your head ends up in your body and it has consequences.

All of those harsh chemicals and detergents, all those preservatives and artificial fragrances, who needs them? They may be necessary for industrial products, but if you have the time to make products at home (and it doesn’t take too long once you get into the habit), then do it.

It is probably a lot healthier than anything which can be found in a shop. And regardless of health, it is tailored to your scalp and hair. If you know that you need more of something, less of something, or something new altogether – do it. See how your hair and scalp react to it. It could very well be that when you treat your hair properly – and if you shampoo when necessary, not just when a bottle says you should – it could be that you may save money as well. Going ‘no poo’ is great, but if you are not into that, get a quality tea tree oil shampoo. There are many of those out there, and if you need to experiment there as well, it is worth it.

Don’t settle when it comes to your scalp’s health. It may seem like this is an easy thing to gloss over. “Whatta ya mean? It’s hair. It keeps growing anyway, right? So what’s the problem?” Yeah, I know all about that type of thinking. It could end up harming your hair in the long run, just like overusing any typTea tree Oile of hair care products could potentially cause harm, even though it is designed for a good use.

Itchiness, redness, irritation, dandruff, and other scalp/hair issues could be a thing of the past. You need to re-evaluate your hair care process. Maybe you should even consider a change in diet, since this is part of what affects hair the most. You need certain elements in your body in order for your hair to grow properly. Hair is an amazing thing, but it could turn on you and get all flat and lifeless. You need to keep it nourished and well-tended. I don’t mean you need to invest hours and hours in your hair. Quite the opposite. I think you should use the kinds of products which get the job done, and don’t require you to keep messing with your locks. Maybe tea tree oil shampoo by Maple Holistics is your thing.

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Jose Eber

jose eberStylist to the stars, Jose Eber, also has a chain of salons and products. Are they good? Are they bad? Are they ugly? Well, no, they are not ugly. Jose Eber Salon products were reviewed by Maple Holistics, and what is certainly clear is that Mr. Eber has a deep passion and love for this life, and for the things that he does. This is one of the most important thing about any professioanl, or so I feel. Something is lost when an artists of any kinds loses his or her passion. It’s a trip, man.

Eber’s idea of a salon is a total experience. And it is certainly not enough to simply come and go. There is an exchange here, a most intimate one at that. Hair is a crucial thing for many men and women, and putting your head of hair in the hands of a stranger – at least at first it is a stranger – is not something people do lightly. And this is especailly true to those salons which bear his name, since a haircut will cost you upwards of several hundred dollars. Is it worth it? Ultimately yes, but it depends on who you ask, and what the procedure was, the one which they underwent there. If you are only wanting to take some of your bangs… well, perhaps consider saving your money. But if you are looking to a create a look. A definitive something which people will not be able to remain indifferent to – you’ve come to the right place. And Eber doesn’t do this with flashy light and gimmicks. He does this with skill and talent.

Eber’s salon-grade products include accessories and vitals like brushes and irons. Hair dryers are probably what ever is best known for, and it is no wonder. Brushes which release hair tonics and serums are also very popular, and you can recognize an eber brush by its funky design and function.

Not all salons have these kinds of things, you know? This is precisely how Eber was able to make a name for himself. His products are an extension of him, which is why I mentioned how much he loves doing that which he does. You need that passion in order to create things which are seriously unique and innovative. I am not sure what others think of his products. I have used things of his several times, but have never owned a piece of Eber quality equipment. Not sure when I will, but I would love one of his irons. For sure.

Eber’s reputation precedes him, and that is exactly how it should be. This is not someone with no experience or know how. This is THE guy. Thejose eber 1 man. The special someone who will take care of your hair. Is it always going to be something amazing? Who knows. People who come to him at his own salon for touch ups and what not are obviously very excited, and I feel that this may play a role in their enthusiasm. Nevertheless, you cannot deny that Eber has a magic touch.

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Shimmer Lights

the-shampoo-actually-comes-out-purple-1Summer is nearly over, and a lot of my non blonde friends have been asking me how I managed to keep my blonde hair looking so nice despite living a very outdoorsy lifestyle. They don’t think that my dark blonde hair goes with my tan skin at all, and to tell you the truth, they’re not wrong. I mean, I should think that I manage to pull off the look pretty well, but I don’t think that is what they were talking about. They’re right in the fact that I am in fact doing something to my hair, and It’ll give you a little hint as to what it is. It rhymes with Clairol Shimmer Fights which is reviewed by Maple Holistics. And if that tipped any of you gals out there off, don’t give it away for everyone else okay?

So, what is my secret, aside from the hint that I gave (the hint is a little too specific for right now, so let’s work our way up to it). In very broad terms, the secret is the color purple. Everyone knows that purple and yellow are complimentary colors, just like blue and orange, so both colors really stand out when you put them next to each othbefore-and-after-using-purple-shampoo er. Everyone also knows that sun exposure makes your hair lighter, effectively bleaching it. So a way to combat this is with the color purple, and I do not mean the movie. No, what I’m talking about is the shampoo. Purple shampoo to be exact. Purple shampoo acts as a balance to the lightening done by the sun, darkening hair with its intense purple pigmentation. So, in essence, I’ve been using heavy purple dyes in my hair in order to keep it looking the way I want it to.

This is where my hint comes in, because obviously I have to be using some product, and in case you haven’t already caught on, I use Clairol Shimmer Lights. There is quite a lot of purple shampoos on the market, but Clairol Shimmer Lights is definitely the best one out there, at least if you do comparisons by worth by price. I’m not going to lie, there is definitely more quality products than Clairol Shimmer Lights, but they are incredibly expensive, and not nearly worth the price you would be paying for them. On a purely quality basis though, I still think that Clairol Shimmer Lights would come in at least fifth place. That’s still pretty good, considering the range of products available. However, as I said before Clairol Shimmer Lights definitely has the best price to quality ratio, although it isn’t the cheapest either.

Although I think it goes without saying that the cheapest is the cheapest for a reason. Clairol Shimmer Lights gave me quick results, and left me looking my best without damaging my hair. And although Clairol Shimmer Lights isn’t “all natural,” I’m glad that I’m not being charged extra for a meaningless slogan. Trust me, if it wasn’t safe, they wouldn’t let it out onto the market. Clairol Shimmer Lights is really a quality product

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MOOC’s and Online Education

As long as I was in school, I didn’t get it. It was only after I left, that I realized how stupid that system is. Is that the best we’ve got? Einstein said that if you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree, he will spend the rest of his life thinking he is stupid. I could not agree more. But, the question is not is something pmoocsossibly wrong. The question is: and what is the alternative? Well, okay, I have no brilliant alternative.

We will still have to endure classes in the old fashioned way, but now there is a lot more technology which is seeping into the classrooms. One of the ways in which education is also being affected by the miracle of the internet is called MOOCs (Edumuch.com), which stands for massive online open courses. In other words, a place where either free or for a free, a user can watch a series of videos, lectures, and the life, and become versed (to whatever degree the class entails) in a certain subject.

Though these classes are not recognized by the higher learning institutes, some of the information technology-related classes and courses are indeed accepted as proper training, and can help with IT-related exams for certification as different typed of IT professionals. One of the best ways to get a Microsoft certificate of any kind, is to start with their Virtual Academy, and see if it will be able to help you.

They have so many classes there, and if Microsoft IT is your goal, you should start there. But e-learning is for languages of all kinds, not just ones meant for computer programming. E-learning is for those who want to learn about anything, from music, to business, to psychology. Nearly anyone and everything can be taught, basically, so it very popular. Some MOOCs are by paid subscription, and some are free of charge.online-educatioon

Some sites focus on user-created content, and others go for a more academic approach to e-learning, and provide the masses with courses recorded at actual universities, all over the world. These sites differ on many things, including who it is that will be teaching. The criteria for becoming a teacher or instructor is a dynamic thing, and it changes from site to site. Many MOOCs don’t even require the teacher to have a relevant degree in the field which they are teaching. If you have proven experience, means to record and upload yourself, and the ability to knowledgably present a class, convey key terms, and transfer your wisdom in a way which will interest and inform your audience – you have got yourself a license to teach. Again, not all sites are like that. Becoming an e-educator can be an amazing thing. You get the satisfaction of teaching, the extra money (very few do e-teaching for a living), and none of the stress of being a standard classroom teacher. E-learning is taking us very far, and it is an amazing thing to see. Really.

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Top 2 Natural Sunburn Solutions

summer summerMuch like bright white teeth, there are few things in life that I enjoy more than a day at the beach in the nice warm weather of Summer. I’m ever so envious of my friends and contemporaries who live their lives in areas that feature beaches and beach weather year-round – oh, what I wouldn’t give to be living under those same circumstances! Unfortunately for me, however, I am a native New Yorker. That means that I’m stuck with not only a limited number of beach options, but a limited number of months during which there is acceptable beach-going weather (ie, the summer months). This is a seriously problem for beach goers like myself, but to be perfectly honest with you, even the beach itself is not without certain potential problems or shortcomings. One major potential beach problem that I am referring to is, quite simply, the problem caused by my beloved sun – the sunburn.

Sunburns are a major drawback to an otherwise ideal beach setting – they hit hard, hit fast, and can cause a serious amount of pain and discomfort in a small amount of time! From redness, to stinging, to skin peeling, to swelling, to unsightliness, to discomfort, there’s really nothing to like about sunburns – they just flat out suck, and can linger for an unfortunate amount of time, potentially harming you for days on end. Fortunately for beach goers such as myself, there are in fact a number of options available for healing and soothing these maddening sunburns after they’ve already been suffered. Obviously you should try wearing sunscreen in order to prevent sunburn from ever taking place in the first place, but if you’ve already made the mistake of neglecting to do so, and are depending on healing processes to get you through your sunburn, it’s always best to go with natural, non-artificial solutions to help with aiding that process.

Artificial solutions can not only prove to be ineffective in terms of healing your sunburn, they can actually hinder the healing process or worse, make your sunburn even worse! And this in addition to the fact that artificial products are generally harmful to the environment, both in terms of when they are used and when they are manufactured using environmentally harmful processes. The natural solutions are definitely the way to go when it comes to healing sunburns, the two best of which we will be highlighting as follows in our list of the top two natural sunburn solutions!oo wee sunburn

Drink As Much As Possible: When it comes to burns, one of the very best ways to speed the healing process and ease discomfort is to make sure that, above all else, you are staying hydrated! Try to drink at least eight (if not more) glasses of ten ounces of water daily in order to make sure you’re saying hydrated.

Aloe: Arguably the most popular go to sunburn solution in the world, aloe is as effective at healing as it is at soothing. Aloe Vera gel is an easy way to heal a sunburn by direct application! Many companies add it to their sunscreens for added protection. Maple Holistics makes a great aloe sunscreen.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this article helpful! Here is another option I found to help with sunburn.

Whitening Your Teeth Naturally

white teethy teetHey Thomas here! Who wouldn’t like a whiter smile and a cleaner set of teeth? There’s a reason that tooth brushing is such a fixture in the morning routine of so many people. Most of us wake up every morning and brush our teeth, and while having healthy teeth (and a healthy mouth) are a big part of why, nothing quite gives gratification like seeing improvement in your pearly whites, especially if whatever steps you’re taking to brighten your smile are paying off. Don’t fall for cheap sales tricks and purchase cheap, unnatural, and ineffective tooth-whitening kits, however – nothing quite improves the whiteness and health of teeth like all-natural products, supplements, and solutions. Take advantage of these top ways to naturally whiten teeth, and you’ll be very glad that you did!

brushingAlways Brush After Eating or Drinking: One of the very best ways to ensure a whiter, brighter smile is to make sure you’re getting your teeth clean as quickly as possible after they come into contact with food and drinks. Yes, this isn’t the easiest task in the world to carry out – making sure your teeth get cleaned after eating or drinking can be inconvenient, annoying, and just a plain logistical difficulty. However, it really is a great way to get the job done when it comes to whitening. By eliminating bacteria before it has a chance to seep into the mouth and break into the blood stream, quick tooth brushing is the ticket to your perfect smile!

Apple Cider Vinegar: It may sound unorthodox, and maybe even unpleasant, but make no mistake about it, apple cider vinegar is one of the best and most effective ways to naturally whiten teeth. Although you need to be consistent in your use of apple cider vinegar in order to see tangible results – at least a month of daily washing with apple cider vinegar should do the trick – it really is a great option for whitening. Apple cider vinegar in particular works well when fighting the stains that come about as a result of coffee or nicotine. Just make sure not to overdo it – brush with regular toothpaste after washing and don’t go on an apple cider vinegar regimen for more than a couple of months, or you could risk damaging your enamel!

Strawberries – Yes, this is quite the 180 from apple cider vinegar, isn’t it? I know what you’re thinking – most people don’t need convincing in order to eat strawberries. Well, that should make teeth whitening a snap, shouldn’t it? By mashing several strawberries and rubbing the resulting paste (or mash) on your teeth, your teeth can become cleaner and whiter in no time! Although results may vary depending on the person, this is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most simply executed ways to teeth whiten, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try!

Teeth whitening is one of the most universally taken measures by people in the world to improve their looks – give natural teeth whitening a try today!